Medical Corresponding Services

Global Medical Network

We have extensive knowledge of the current health care requirements in each country where Repatria Medica operates. We guarantee the best care and follow-up for each patient. Our goal is to treat and take care of each patient, offering a personalized follow-up and responding to their individual needs.

Medical/nursing home visits

We transfer doctors and nurses to hotels and apartments to deal on the spot with less serious medical conditions which do not require hospitalisation, so that the patient can continue their journey or planned route

Procedures and paperwork

We handle all the paperwork, such as hotel bookings, transport, tickets, consular arrangements and transport of medication to ensure the patient's comfort

Logistics consultancy

We provide advise following professional criteria regarding medical resources or devices, and the most suitable medicaltransfer

Medical reports/translations

A fast, immediate response, always in accordance with the insurance company.

Cost containment

Strict control of resources to suit every need



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